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WordPress for wordless.

There are some sages or mystics like Raman Maharshi and Lao Tzu who preferred not to write much and kept their messages in concise form that too by flagging about it as untrue since truth cannot be spoken by word. Wordless expression is the truest expression of their experience. It reached to the person capable enough of catching it and learning from it. In Buddha’s line there are followers of “Heenyan”, mostly in Shri Lanka, who chose this mode of transformation. Transformation by being present and the wordless got communicated to the right receiver.

Becoming a right receiver is a must for learning, whether communication is through word or wordless. A right receiver can be defined as a person who has accepted his body, his all past deeds, his past qualifications, his post or position in society etc as a prerequisite and dumped them in a well and become an empty vessel. This may come due to total surrender automatically. Any questioning in mind or assertion in mind, like conformity/rejection with any scriptures one has studied previously etc, during transfer will hamper the process of transfer of wisdom to the receiver.

There are some sages or mystics who preferred to speak instead or remaining silent. They spoke to arise curiosity among those who are on edge. They answered the questions to teach “How to generate your own answers?” through their approach to answering. Whenever a person chooses words to express wordless then this caution of informing all, who may be listening or reading it, always precedes.

If a person merely sticks to the words expressed here and take it as a truth he may get opposite results. Since it is truth for speaker or writer but it is not his own discovered one. Only own discovered truth, answers are really right truth or right answers because they are expressed without words by existence itself.

This effort of analysing, highlighting, describing works of Osho uses words to express it. So a cautionary intimation is a must that it is not your truth and it is just pointing to some truth for Osho expressed by Osho in his own words for his disciples’ help in search of theirs own. It is a science of experimenting but with limitation that it cannot be transferred only a situation can be created since it is specific for each individual being too. Whenever one begins the gain is same for all irrespective of how much time one devote for it. No one is alone in this research as it is considered that all the past sages and even God is there to support you in this journey or research whatever name may be given to it.

One may draw an inspiration, direction from them and embark upon own journey to attain his/her own truth or answers. Only such own truth is called knowing and it is said that this is the asset that never diminishes by spending or sharing. It is carried forward to another birth i.e. Shubh Laabh or eternal gain. It is this asset which can be acquired by human beings only. It is with this responsibility every human being is given birth by God i.e. with this hope.

Reading and listening helps in opening of mind or develops our understanding. This is the only way by which one reaches to a level of understanding that may lead to the experience that can only happen. Then it is said that the journey begins.

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