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What Philosophy is and what it is not?

This post is based upon part taken from “The Revolution: Talks On Kabir” by Osho and my commentary on it from my own experience to let you understand it better.

You may prefer to listen, in US English, to this post from my Podcast on Overcast – Philosia (दर्शन) or on Podcast on Pocket Casts – Philosia – (दर्शन) or Podcast on Castbox – Philosia – (दर्शन) etc. It is a web version, no app needed.

Osho says:

Understanding needs a very adventurous mind which is ready to melt. If you can melt with existence then you are religious.

That melting I call prayer.

When somebody has melted so deeply with existence that he is not there as a knower separate from the known, but the knower and the known have become one – in that moment the secrets are revealed.

But then the mystery is not destroyed, the mystery is deepened even more.

Remember always that the mystery of your life goes on deepening then you are on the right track.

If you start feeling that there is no mystery in life and you become knowledgeable, you are on the wrong track.

Avoid philosophy and take a deep plunge into poetry.

Be as much of a poet as possible – because the mystic is the growth of the poet.

The poet is on the way to being a mystic, and only a poet can be a mystic.

It is better to read poetry than philosophy, it is better to sing poetry than to ponder over philosophical problems.

Philosophical problems are superficial and the whole effort is based on one thing: philosophy takes it for granted that life can be reduced to knowledge – that is utterly absurd.

Life cannot be reduced to knowledge; life is so vast, it is so infinite. How can you reduce it to knowledge? – you are part of life.

And even if, for logic’s sake, we can accept that a day comes when you have known all, you will still have remained unknown.

The knower will have remained unknown.

My comments: (My English is poor, pronunciation is further ahead of it. Still I write so that you may get a glimpse towards which I am pointing to, like it happens when you ask a stranger in non-English speaking country about something and he or she tries to explain it. If you are thirsty of this knowledge, so you get it too. The consciousness plays an important role in communicating the point at much higher level where we all are connected because I am writing only from my own experiences or understanding.)

While reverse is the case in Philosia or so called Indian Philosophy, If you know yourself then you have know all including yourself.

Knowing all means knowing it’s essence that life is just a drama, an existential drama, and it is not to be taken seriously.

Just do your part as an actor and forget, you exist far beyond your body too. And that is the REALITY. That is real you who is playing the role through this body.

My post explaining how by knowing yourself you come to know all instantly.

Philosia, REALITY and Philosophy explained by a photo using as a metaphor.

The dilemma of life or mystery of life is that you come to know about your role first and then you have to discover your reality just vice versa of any actor.

The totality and morality with which you are playing your role will decide your fate that you will be able to experience your reality or not.

This is why Jesus, Buddha and Lao Tzu etc all other Mystics stressed upon be like water or be like a child.

(from “The Revolution: Talks On Kabir” by Osho)

Awareness meditation is the way worked for me, may be you too find it suitable otherwise Dynamic meditation is for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life.

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This is an opportunity for learning and knowing Osho through these sannyasins who lived in his presence and brought to life his words in best possible quality in all formats.

Disciples of Jesus left him alone in last minutes but Osho’s disciples remained with him till he left his body willingly after working, till last day, for all of us to get enlightened. Jesus tried hard till last minute, before being caught, to teach meditation to his disciples. As per Saint John’s Gospel:- Jesus used word ‘Sit’ to transfer his meditative energy to them and went on to pray God, but on returning he found them sleeping. He tried two times again but in vain.

Even today Zen people use word ‘Sit’ for meditation in their saying ‘Sit silently, do nothing, season comes and the grass grows by itself green’.

Hi ….. I write my comments from my personal experiences of my inner journey. This post may include teachings of Mystics around the world that I found worth following even today. For more about me and to connect with me on social media platforms, have a look at my linktree website for connecting with my social media links, or subscribe my YouTube channel and/or listen to the podcasts etc.

Start reading it for free:

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