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The world is already a METAverse, we need to come out of it instead…


JUST LIVE and EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR is written in English the shirt of this boy wearing a Virtual Reality headgear.. While to live as human being he has to remove ‘Ego’ from his life and that is biggest fear.

My English is poor, pronunciation is further ahead of it. Still I write so that you may get a glimpse towards which I am pointing to, like it happens when you ask a stranger in non-English speaking country about something and he or she tries to explain it. If you are thirsty of this knowledge, so you get it too. The consciousness plays an important role in communicating the point at much higher level where we all are connected because I am writing only from my own experiences or understanding.

You may prefer to listen, in US English, to this post from my Podcast – Philosia (दर्शन) and i also hava a podcast in Hindi -दर्शन (Philosia).

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