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The great secret-Osho talks on Kabir

Hi, I’m reading “The Great Secret: Talks On The Songs Of Kabir” by Osho, and wanted to share this quote with you.

You can listen, US English accent, to this post from my Podcast Philosia (दर्शन) on Breaker , or on Overcast or on Spotify etc. It is a web link and app is not needed to listen from it.

“Kabir says no one is greater than you, but you will only achieve that greatness when you surrender totally.

In this sadhana, in this journey, the paradox is that no one is greater than you – even Ram is not greater than the one who knows Ram – but you will only attain to this greatness when you become the smallest of the small.

You will become the Gourishankar, the Everest, only when you become a deep chasm, a deep abyss.

When you surrender, when you become smaller than a particle of dust, you become as great as God.

To be humble, to surrender, to give up the ego is to achieve the highest possible greatness.

If you remain egoistic, you remain insignificant. The ego is mean, inconsequential. If you hold on to it, you will be no more substantial than a grain of sand.