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Subtle signs of communications.

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please read the above post on medium, as it may help you live a better material life. Then you may like to know how to live better so as to enrich your spiritual journey too.

I may have done many of these acts, but never paid attention to actually what message I am giving through these signs. I may have faced many of such signs but failed to understand them too.

Still I strongly trust that ‘How purely/heart fully I behaved, loved and served others in my life is all mattered actually, as that shaped me what I am today. I have to chisel out best of me.

A feeling of compassion arises in me seeing such people. They have no option to leave themselves for life!&I am lucky at least only few moments, days or years is what matters me to bear with them. Then I am again free. It is my life, the other is not at all matters in it – leave alone his behaviour, grudges, sabotages etc.

Plus, I realised recently only, life is a river that flows between two shores ie material progress ie mind driven and spiritual progress ie heart controlled. Whenever I got setback in material world it is because I got too astray in spiritual world and God wanted me to put me again on its right track. So to harm me in material world someone is needed for sure. I have compassion towards all those because God choose only those for harming others who do not have any spark of spirituality. Most of them are my friends and relatives or at least known persons.