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State of Journalism in India but with a ray of hope

Akash Banerjee recently posted two posts on his Instagram account to inform people about state of television journalism in India.

In one incident on R television channel hosted by Arnab Goswami, an Oxford Alumni, about talks on ‘Who is allowing war to go on’ and he was schooled by a penalist.

In another incident the editor in chief of a channel INDIA**** forgot to check profile of invited guests leading to funny situation broadcasted live!

These channels and many (in hundreds) like these broadcasting such ‘quality’ contents 24×7 are called as ‘Godi Media’ meaning ‘media sitting in lap of ruling party chief ie Modi’ here Godi is used because it is pronounced like Modi. This word is coined by famous journalist ‘Ravish Kumar’ of true journalism channel in India ‘NDTV’ and there are few such channels one can count on fingers.

Osho’s vision about democratic India is made possible by such dedicated, honest and fearless people at all levels sitting at all four pillars of the government.

Julian Assange recently seen in a tweet stating a fact that most of the war in past 50 years happened due to media lies, people really do not want any war.

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