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Sacrifice of Copy write for person affected by ‘Act of God’. Simple.

While all publications, except few, and many organizations like are alert to make claim of their copy write, just for the sake of definition only, while they, and we too, know that these are truth and eternity manifested in words through that mystic to guide the humanity about its true purpose while living life in any religious society and earning bread and butter to take care of nature and taken care of by nature too.

On other end all Insurance companies and contract without fail include para in their contract of ‘Force Majeure’ or ‘Act of God’ and due to which they are not liable to give claim to the claimant. As it is beyond their control.

When his devastating acts are beyond their control, his kind acts too shall also be not in control of anyone.

So who can have right for the words, manifested from a living person known as Mystic? May it be Jesus, Krishna, Mohammad, Buddha or OSHO. Like a waterfall, these words of higher consciousness brought to us by them in form understood by us.

When only such words in text, mp3 or video format can only heal a person who is affected by “Act of God” too, why a person need to pay for such copy write for his own kind words in difficult times?

It is suggested that all such claims that these contracts or Insurance companies avoided shall be calculated from past data available and a fix percentage is decided. These funds shall then be utilized by these companies as Corporate Social Responsibility to purchase copyrights from these publishing and printing houses including online text, mp3 and video material so as to make them available free to download for public from their website as well as website of publishing companies, with advertisement of the company aided for providing it.

Opposite of it may also be possible. The one who is earning copy write on such products has to publish and make available such material online, free of cost, or download for personal use only at a common platform provided by Insurance companies.

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