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Psycho cybernetics for spiritual progress

Indian Mystic Kabir, just 550years before said:

जो तो चाहे मुक्ति को, छोड़ दे सब आस। मुक्त ही जैसा हो रहे, सब-कुछ तेरे पास॥ Means: If you wish for freedom in your life it is because eternal freedom is your very basic nature and by being grown up between worldly peoples you got same opinion about yourself too. You have lived that state in childhood. Just you need to just start living as a free person (provided your freedom does not restrict others) and you will recognise later that the whole world is your’s only.

About 5000years before Indian Mystic Ashtavakra, age 18 yrs, said to King Janak, age 65yrs, ( father of wife of Lord Rama) on being asked with due respect to show me the path of liberation or show me the truth or ultimate reality.

त्वया व्याप्तमिदम विश्वम, त्वयि प्रोतम यथार्थतह। शुद्धबुद्ध स्वरूपसत्वम मागमह क्षुद्रचित्तत्ताम॥ Means: You are the truth that you are seeking and this whole world lies within you. Just declare that ‘You are the purest lively consciousness. I am the purest Buddha.’ and you become it because you are actually that only but because you are running after trivial material things like power, money and position etc you have forgotten your true self. Osho added to it: You have lived it in your childhood too, so just declare and it will lead to remembrance of the lost empire and you will enter into ‘Kingdom of God’ as a King just like Jesus did.

So it seems every 500+ years this concept is again and again found by such saintly people. Hats off to the psychologist who found Paycho Cybernatics in this time too and successfully applied to get awesome results in material world. He missed just one thing that he forgot to apply his own methodology on himself after getting successful. Had he applied and I am sure he may have applied it but then what he had got was so big that to announce it to this small world may have seemed useless to him as it happened with many other mystics. They know that people could not understand beyond their material world and a real human world exists beyond it only. All ‘Aha’ moments happens when you unintentionally or accidentally get connected to it.

Awareness meditation is the way worked for me, may be you too find it suitable otherwise Dynamic meditation is for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gora