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Philosia – updated.

This word was coined by Osho. As a per Osho “You are the reality; you are eternal; everything else is just a dream. Beautiful dreams are there, nightmares are there…But it does not matter whether it is a beautiful dream or a nightmare; what matters is the one who is seeing the dream(here it means our life).

In the East we don’t know anything like Philosophy.

Scholars have translated the Eastern word ‘Darshan’, which means ‘seeing’, into Philosophy, finding no other way to capture its meaning.

But they are not at all connected: Philosophy is thinking, not seeing. A blind man can think about light, but cannot see it; the man with eyes can see the light; there is no need to think about it.

In the East there is nothing comparable to word ‘philosophy’;

in the West there is nothing comparable to ‘Darshan’ (in Hindi).

I have coined my own word to translate Darshan, and that is Philosia. ‘Philo’ means Love, and ‘sia’ means to see.

‘Sophy’ means ‘thinking’,

‘sia’ means ‘seeing’.

And the whole East has beem working only in one dimension(direction) for centuries: how to find the ‘seer’.

You cannot go beyond it; that is the ultimate. Everything is in front of it; it is behind the whole reality, and everything goes on changing…

You are a child, you will become young, you will become old. Anything that is changing can be recorded or measured with reference to a constant only. Right.