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हिंदी में इसी से मिलता जुलता पोस्ट ‘भार झोंकी के भाड़ में” से इस बारे में और जानकारी ले सकते हैं कि इस संसार में ही दो बार चक्र के पूरे घूमने पर ही संसार से मुक्ति मिलती है। और हमको आधे पर ही नहीं रुक जाना है।

Hi ….. I write my comments from my personal experiences of my inner journey. This post may include teachings of Mystics around the world that I found worth following even today. For more about me and to connect with me on social media platforms, have a look at my linktree website for connecting with my social media links, or subscribe my YouTube channel and/or listen to the podcasts etc.

Every human life is a journey destined towards the beginning point of this whole existence. In Egypt it is described as Wisdom snake, which is eating its own tail. Out of nothingness as per Buddha (Shunyata as per Nagarjuna) this whole existence evolved. It is evolving each moment may be very slowly , like any natural process, tree or animal or human being. All these components of ecology are being fed by same energy just like juice from roots of a rose plant nourishes each flower, thorn, leaf, and stem or branch individually while they all are away from each other and performing different role.

Only human being is capable of experiencing the nothingness -from which whole universe is evolved- at the fag end of inner journey. This completing full circle is what is known as becoming free from circle of life and death. The logo of ‘Philosia’ is designed keeping this in mind. From the experience of nothingness at the end one come to know this natural juice or energy, and its very experience brings eternal freedom from this cycle of death and life again and again.

In earlier period food was directly arranged by each person from nature itself, so there was not even need of studying and job etc. As soon as one is free daily routine one can immerse inside and make effort to know the truth. So in that period of time in history creative people get immersed in Art forms as it helps one in forwarding inner journey. Others get busy in extending territory or protecting it. To run this military a system of revenue was developed from business as well as land use.

Now one has to earn bread and butter first, so the need of necessary evil like education and job arises too. After getting job again people get involved in two types’ of job one in constructive role of society and another in revenue or military. Military comprises of every development in technology which is also  used for civil purposes or generation of revenue purposes too.

For both ways one badly needs to progress step by step as per four Zones above. After being reached at fourth zone and conquered it too, one may be in civil use of his power.

If there is compassion enough to begin progress in spiritual dimension then achievements of all these four zones of material world leads one to enter in the Comfort Zone of spiritual journey for most of the successful person. It is because they feel comfortable being at top in material world. It requires daring to lose all achievements specially knowledge gained and jump into the ocean of the unknown at ripened age of life.

This fourth zone consist of “Heart Chakra” in human body. So only if there is left enough compassion towards peoples then only progress towards it is possible. If there left no compassion means the mind has started playing role of the heart too. All mental challenges begin to show their signs here and life afterwards. Once challenge is well set then through psychological or other treatment they need to first conquer the heart chakra again in its virgin state, as it is its natural state, and journey may begin again in spiritual world’s zones.

The ‘aha’ moment when one finds engulfed in natural surroundings, or due to any other reason, is felt by this chakra. Sufi mystics says that there are on an average seven incidents happen in a persons life and experiences moments of aha, awe or thoughtlessness.

Since by the grace of God, he breathed first breathe in everyone’s body, so unless and until you give first priority to God, he is not ready to accept your request. Initially only for few moments you experience it, by being in present moment , because he is present always and everywhere. He is beyond space – time, that is why Jesus Christ said “There will be no time” when asked about quality of “Kingdom of God”. Few moments of your life, at least, when you are busy with your career making process may sow the seed of spirituality to let it grow in tree form when sufficient soil, success in material world, is made ready. Then after getting established with family while children got married or so, then whenever your heart says it is right time to turn in, then you can begin turning inwards till you remain inwards 24 hours, 7 days. (One has conquered his First zone i.e. Comfort Zone of Spiritual progress)

The meditation that helped me in my inner journey is here. I practiced it during brushing my teeth, when i am alone with myself for 2 minutes, and over a period of time, Meditation became way of life effortlessly!

Then these moments (spent by a person  in practicing meditation for few minutes from busy daily schedule) will be of great benefit as the flame is still burning at dim light. It may encroach upon all your activities in the form of mindfulness during acts, without your knowing or trying about it. It’s effect may have been felt by you at fag end of your career’s most important event when you do not feel any hunger or thirst for whole day! (One has conquered his second zone i.e. Fear Zone of Spiritual progress)

It is a sign of the God, by being breathed in you with his eternal source of energy, energising you for whole day even without your notice. It is a sign that he is accepting your request, to be free from the world and in solitude, if you meditate and keep busy reading or listening or dancing, celebrating etc then one day you may get a glimpse of him in someone’s eyes-as happened with Amir khusaro, in a leaf falling from a tree – as happened with Lao Tzu, in dimming of morning star-as happened with Buddha.

This is satori, you may feel as lost your ego for few moments because of one’s meditative energy level is so low to retain it for 24 hours, 7 days- this is one’s entry into Third Zone of the spiritual progress (or sixth zone from beginning of career).

And if one go on practicing meditation and practicing witnessing awareness then one day one will get the glimpse without any other support or one may call it answer of question “Who am I?”- this happens when you are about to leave any time the sixth zone. Now compassion rises in your heart for others. Here only due to blessings of God, it may happen to you again that suddenly you enter into “Kingdom of God” effortlessly or it may not happen at all in your lifetime. It all depends upon his grace on you. He graced you first breath and now again his grace is important. So if one has reached to this point through motto “Work is worship” or “Prayer is worship” or “Love is God” “To serve is serving God” these all are of no use afterwards but only his grace is needed to reach higher level. The more compassion overflows through you towards whole ecosystem of the surroundings, the more are your chances.

This is the real wealth acquired by a human being because no one can snatch it from you, only your willingness to give and it starts flowing. The more you share it with others the more and more you get it. You entered into Spiritual world and keep growing here there is no limit in infinite for eternity or limitless time and space to explore. Now one can draw energy at will from infinite and eternal source of energy by just thinking about it.

To make it clearer it is quoted in detail as below”

Quoted From chapter 1, The Buddha Within, The Heart Sutra, p4-10. In bracket – my comments are based on from my experience and knowing or understanding till date vis a vis Zones shown in fig above.

“The ancient Buddhist scriptures talk about seven temples. Just as Sufis talk about seven valleys, and Hindus talk about seven chakras, Buddhists talk about seven temples.

(In Christianity there are seven rugs of the ladder and now I am trying to correlate them with Seven Zones of the spiritual world, actually every human being is destined to conquer but usually stops at fourth, after conquering material world as per the picture above)

The first temple, the physical, can correspond to the Hindu map with the Muladhar chakra; (Comfort Zone)

The second, the psychosomatic, with Svadhisthaan chakra; (Fear Zone)

The third, the psychological, with Manipur Chakra; (Learning Zone)

The fourth, the psycho-spiritual, with Anahatta Chakra; (Growth Zone – for Material world and Comfort Zone – for Spiritual progress)

The fifth, the spiritual, with Vishuddhi Chakra; (Fear Zone for Spiritual progress)

The sixth, the spiritual-transcendental, with Aagyaa or Aaajnaa Chakra; (Learning Zone for Spiritual progress)

And the seventh, the transcendental, with Sahastrar Chakra. (Growth Zone of Spiritual world)

Sahastrar means one-thousand-petal lotus.

That is the symbol of the ultimate flowering: nothing has remained hidden, all has become unhidden, manifest. The thousand petal lotus has opened, the whole sky is filled with its fragrance, its beauty, its benediction.

In the modern world a great work has started in search of the innermost core of the human being. It will be good to understand how far modern efforts lead us.

Pavlov, B.F. Skinner and the other behaviourists, go on circling around the physical, the muladhar chakra.

They think man is only the body. They get too much involved in the first temple, they get too much involved with the physical, and they forget everything else. These people are trying to explain man only through the physical, the material.

This attitude becomes a hindrance because they are not open. When from the very beginning you deny that there is nothing other than the body, then you deny the exploration itself. This becomes a prejudice.

A communist, a Marxist, a behaviourist, an atheist — people who believe that man is only the body — their very belief closes doors to higher realities. They become blind. And the physical is there, the physical is the most apparent; it needs no proof. The physical body is there, you need not prove it. Because it need not be proved, it becomes the only reality. That is nonsense. Then man loses all dignity.

If there is nothing to grow in or to grow towards, there cannot be any dignity in life. Then man becomes a thing. Then you are not an opening, then nothing more is going to happen to you — you are a body: you will eat, and you will defecate, and you will eat and you will make love and produce children, and this will go on and on, and one day you die.

A mechanical repetition of the mundane, the trivia — how can there be any significance, any meaning, any poetry? How can there be any dance? Skinner has written a book, Beyond Freedom and Dignity. It should be called Below Freedom and Dignity, not beyond. It is below, it is the lowest standpoint about man, the ugliest.

There is nothing wrong about the body, remember. I am not against the body, it is a beautiful temple. The ugliness enters when you think this is all.

Man can be conceived of as a ladder with seven rungs, and you get identified with the first rung. Then you are not going anywhere. And the ladder is there, and the ladder bridges this world and the other; the ladder bridges matter with God.

The first rung is perfectly good if it is used in relationship to the whole ladder. If it functions as a first step it is immensely beautiful: one should be thankful to the body. But if you start worshipping the first rung and you forget the remaining six, you forget that the whole ladder exists and you become closed, confined to the first rung, then it is no longer a rung at all… because a rung is a rung only when it leads to another rung, a rung is a rung only when it is part of a ladder. If it is no longer a rung then you are stuck with it.

Hence, people who are materialistic are always stuck, they always feel something is missing, they don’t feel they are going anywhere. They move in rounds, in circles, and they come again and again to the same point. They become tired and bored. They start contemplating how to commit suicide. And their whole effort in life is to find some sensations, so something new can happen. But what ‘new’ can happen? All the things that we go on being occupied with are nothing but toys to play with.

Think of these words of Frank Sheed: “The soul of man is crying for purpose or meaning. And the scientist says, ‘Here is a telephone.’ Or, ‘Look! Television!’ — exactly as one tries to distract a baby crying for its mother by offering it sugar sticks and making funny faces at it. The leaping stream of invention has served extraordinarily well to keep man occupied, to keep him from remembering that which is troubling him.” (So is still today!)

All that the modern world has provided you with is nothing but sugar sticks, toys to play with — and you were crying for the mother, you were crying for love, and you were crying for consciousness, and you were crying for some significance in life. And they say, “Look! The telephone. Look! The television. Look! We have brought so many beautiful things for you.”

And you play around a little bit; again you get fed up, again you are bored, and again they go on searching for new toys for you to play with. This state of affairs is ridiculous. It is so absurd that it seems almost inconceivable how we go on living in it.

We have got caught at the first rung. Remember that you are in the body, but you are not the body; let that be a continuous awareness in you.

You live in the body, and the body is a beautiful abode. Remember, I am not for a single moment hinting that you become anti-body, that you start denying the body as the so-called spiritualists have done down the ages. The materialists go on thinking that the body is all that is, and there are people who move to the opposite extreme, and they start saying that the body is illusory, the body is not! “Destroy the body so the illusion is destroyed, and you can become really real.”

This other extreme is a reaction. The materialist creates his own reaction in the spiritualist, but they are partners in the same business; they are not very different people. The body is beautiful, the body is real, the body has to be lived, the body has to be loved. The body is a great gift of God. Not for a single moment be against it, and not for a single moment think that you are only it. You are far bigger. Use the body as a jumping board.

The second is: psychosomatic, svadhisthaan chakra. (Fear Zone – Material progress)

Freudian psychoanalysis functions there. It goes a little higher than Skinner and Pavlov. Freud enters into the mysteries of the psychological a little bit more. He’s not just a behaviourist, but he never goes beyond dreams. He goes on analysing the dreams.

The dream exists as an illusion in you. It is indicative, it is symbolic, and it has a message from the unconscious to be revealed to the conscious. But there is no point in just getting caught in it.

Use the dream, but don’t become the dream. You are not the dream. And there is no need to make so much fuss about it, as Freudians go on making. Their whole effort seems to be moving in the dimension of the dream world.

Take note of it, take a very, very clear standpoint about it, understand its message, and there is no need really to go to anybody else for your dream analysis. If you cannot analyse your dream nobody else can, because your dream is your dream. And your dream is so personal that nobody else can dream the way you dream. Nobody has ever dreamed the way you dream, nobody will ever dream the way you dream; nobody can explain it to you. His interpretation will be his interpretation. Only you can look into it.

And in fact there is no need to analyse the dream: look at the dream in its totality, with clarity, with alertness, and you will see the message. It is so loud! There is no need to go for psychoanalysis for three, four, five, seven years. A person who is dreaming every night, and in the day is going to the psychoanalyst to be analysed, becomes by and by surrounded by dreamy-stuff.

Just as the first becomes too much obsessed with the ‘muladhar chakra’, the physical, the second becomes too much obsessed with the sexual… because the second — the realm of psychosomatic reality — is sex.

The second starts interpreting everything in terms of sex. Whatsoever you do, go to the Freudian and he will reduce it to sex. Nothing higher exists for him. He lives in the mud, he does not believe in the lotus. You bring a lotus flower to him, he will look at it and reduce it to the mud. He will say, “This is nothing, this is just dirty mud. Has it not come out of dirty mud? If it has come out of dirty mud then it has to be dirty mud.” Reduce everything to its cause, and that is the real. Then every poem is reduced to sex, everything beautiful is reduced to sex and perversion and repression. Michelangelo is a great artist? Then his art has to be reduced to some sexuality. And Freudians go to absurd lengths. They say: Michelangelo or Goethe or Byron, all their great works of art which bring great joy to millions of people, are nothing but repressed sex — maybe Goethe was going to masturbate and was stopped. Millions of people are stopped from masturbation, but they don’t become like Goethe. It is absurd.

But Freud is the master of the world of the toilet. He lives there, that is his temple. Art becomes pathology, poetry becomes pathology, and everything becomes perversion. If Freudian analysis succeeds then there will be no Kalidaas, no Shakespeare, no Michelangelo, no Mozart, no Wagner, because everybody will be normal. These are abnormal people. These people are psychologically ill, according to Freud. The greatest are reduced to the lowest.

Buddha is ill, according to Freud, because whatsoever things he is talking about, they are nothing but repressed sex.

This approach reduces human greatness to ugliness. Beware of it.

Buddha is not ill; in fact, Freud is ill. The silence of Buddha, the joy of Buddha, the celebration of Buddha — it is not ill, it is the full flowering of wellbeing.

But to Freud the normal person is one who has never sang a song, who has never danced, who has never celebrated, never prayed, never meditated, never done anything creative, is just normal: goes to the office, comes home, eats, drinks, sleeps, and dies; leaves not a trace behind of his creativity, leaves not a single signature anywhere.