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New norms for New India-updated for clarity.

As is common in Delhi, same is the case in my locality too. The municipal corporation is unable to supply water 24×7 at our home. Due to leakages from the old pipelines this will cause more loss by leakage than amount of water supplies in home.

So the only s as alternative is to supply for fix duration of time that too alternate day!

This way all people are forced to take enough quantity of tap water for daily needs for all members of the family plus additional storage of ‘two days’ as emergency within a fix period ie 20 minutes time. Some have rented their accommodations too, so in that case there is additional requirements of water for these 2-4 families too.

This causes lots of pressure on pipeline but the operator may not open it full. In that case the only option left with people is to pump in the water from their tap connection investing by money on pump and it’s electricity charges as additional burden by every family to get enough water.

So this was in practice since last 15 years and everyone has to not only bear the cost of electricity charges but compromise poor quality of water too. The pipelines are crossing sewer lines or drains and due to negative pressure in pipeline the contaminated water seeped through these sewer lines and drains enter the pipeline of drinking water. So everyone has to get installed a reverse osmosis or UV filtration system too, at their own cost. The running and maintenance cost of all these are around ₹200-₹300/-per month. This is in addition to the monthly charges @₹200/- per month for supplying potable water at house tap of the connection owner by the municipal corporation of Indore, MP.

Why I needed to write all these things which are not even given due consideration in society because these are termed as new norms all over Northern India.

The strange thing that I am noticing now a days that a vegetable vendor and a police van keeps petroling during water period of water supply in the locality so that no one dares to complain about it! The River Narmada is worshipped as Goddess Narmada and prayed by Hindu priests and people together. We are getting water in our tap from that river.

Water being supplied under the supervision of Police Van! New norms are being set for future generations to come. Lao Tzu said that when power is used to enforce religion on people then that religion is going to be extinct soon. According to Hindu dharma, to serve a person with drinking water is supreme service to human being or most pious act of religion. It is just like one is serving God with water. But when policing is needed to be done to terrorise people taking water from municipality water supply line then this is ‘nadir’ or bottom of Hindu dharma. Osho predicted that soon Hindu dharma will become extinct like Jews. The time has come, because all these signs are pointing towards it.

Who will dare to complain when everyone has adopted this system within a system of municipal corporation’s water supply system? Why this sudden change? These are big question that became reason for this post.

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