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Meaning of ‘love towards God.’

Fully blossomed flower is Love of tree towards God. God has spread its messages for us in the form of nature around us. Lived to its fullest, with totality and being present in the moment only for full day. We can learn from this flower’s life.

A human being can only experience godliness. Through that experience the feeling comes to our mind, and it defines it as God. So no-one has ever seen God, is my own opinion. Whenever a person tries to learn Meditation, actually the yearning behind learning or practicing to attain a state of no-mind is what one’s love towards God is. God is always in present, everywhere and eternal so any effort to bring your body to no-mind state is actually your urge to attain no-mind state and that ultimately leads to experience the present moment where God is always waiting for you.

This is like looking towards the Sun and immediately the shadow, ie Ego, disappears. We keep running behind the shadow while it is futile attempt. Sufi mystics and Jews believed that returning (here turning towards him or practicing meditation sense) to God is ultimate of human life. How much one aspires to know himself of God is one’s love towards God. What you attain is moments in present ie Godliness and it brings relaxation to mind and body because you have touched the source of ultimate energy and your level was so low that within moments a lot of energy(data) is transferred. Being a human one need not have to remain in present moment for full day but just two minutes is sufficient to live as a flower and God will accept it as a garland.

Practice of meditation as your love towards God find its culmination at the time of death. An enlightened person becomes happy after realising that it is time to leave the body. Now the Godliness he/she has attained and living through body is going to get dissolved in God. It will become moments of togetherness first time but forever too.

Two lovers are going to live together for eternity and the mystic awaits the first glimpse eagerly. This is what is called as true Love. All previous Love had a fraction of it too, that is why lovers becomes ecstatic. Here it is full 100%.

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