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Klein Bottle is modern Wisdom Snake

In Egypt mystics devices Wisdom Snake to depict enlightenment.

A person’s consciousness keeps moving outside in a straight line. It seldom reaches to itself to complete the circle. When it reaches to itself the intersection is called as enlightenment.

Klein Bottle can be treated as modern and best suited metaphor that can be used for enlightenment and hence it helps one in understanding it better because it’s inside is also its outside.

Only through meditation we can make our consciousness to take a U- turn and turn to itself. A single step taken to move inwards is going to give us great rewards. Only human being is bestowed with this capacity. So we must being experimenting with ourself because there is no other way. It is not objective science that others experience is going to help us rather it is subjective science.

Our ego separates us from the world. We treat the world as outside of us and ourself as inside as our mind or thinking. Zen people discovered the Koan -‘The goose is in’ to create great doubt in their disciples. The disciple has to search for the answer of it by meditating upon it.

The Koan is ‘A Zen mystic kept a newly born goose inside a bottle. Then he kept feeding it from outside and over period of time it’s size increased to touch inside of Bottle from everywhere. The mystic wants to take the grown up goose out but the bottle must remain intact.

Answer of this Koan is that the goose was never in, it is outside a