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It is spring after all!

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You are the seed from which the tree of your ‘self’ is ready to evolve as soon as the seed is ready to sacrifice its outer cover (here the ego and desires are the outer cover of that seed) and then dare to jump into the unknown ie darkness (rooting in soil) and keep learning, unlearning and relearning by practicing meditation ie growth of roots. Then it is sure that one day the first glimpse of light becomes visible to its stem. The time required till this experience is called as ‘dark night of the soul’ by Jesus. Still a lot is challenges it has to face but they are nothing as compared to the journey till date. Then only one gets disciples like Thomas who left his fishing nets and joined Jesus. That is flowering. Then one day one such disciple will get enlightened like Jesus that is called the tree started producing fruits. Alas till Jesus lived no disciple could trusted him however he was demonstrating them by walking on rough water etc etc. They could not dare to sacrifice their life, desires and ego for Jesus and deserted him. Jesus tried in vain to teach them meditation before being caught as per St. John’s gospel when he said ‘Sit’ and went for praying to transfer his energy but the receiver was dozing! That resulted in Jesus’s last words ‘Thy shall be done’. God told Jesus that people are not that much civilised as far as inner journey is considered and you need to come back again to teach them Love and Truth that liberates. So the mystic Osho came after 2000 years, in eternity this much time is just 2min for us, and this time again his life was at stake but now western disciples proved more determined to learn meditation from him and stayed with him. This caused more people from western people getting enlightened than the East as on date. As far as I know I am not talking about all those big shops but very simple and ordinary looking people I found enlightened just by the way they live their minimalist life. Now the Corona is going to create big threat for whole humanity. In such situations only an idiot person, if one is rich enough to feel worthlessness of power/money/position etc, is not able to seek for even a little progress in inner journey by doing a simple 2min awareness meditation that I did during brushing. My blog at, specially what is awareness/mindfulness for more.

This spring plant yourself. Instead of fearing to die of corona be ready to take quantum jump by sacrificing your ego and desires in search of self. Death is certain I’m both cases. But you may enter the kingdom of god in one case, ie by following meditativeness regime.

Before planting one needs to clear the bushes and make ground ready ie removing all conditioning done by society , religion, education and colour.