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Falling into centre of Being.

This is problem statement for this post.

A human being is caught between two circles ie circle of thoughts and circle of awareness and at a time one can move on one of these two. Mystic Kabir says that one has to go beyond these two then circle of life completes and thoughts stop completely.

The solution statement is also in completion of ‘circle of life in this life’, but it has to be achieved by silencing the mind or stopping the thoughts. One has to take first step towards it. It is by practicing awareness meditation during any one of the acts of daily life. I have taken first step 35 years back, you can know more from my experiences from linktree account in about section of my profile.

My post describing the circle in detail.

We all have lived in the circle of awareness in our childhood. No thoughts were there till age of 5-8 years.

Now we move into circle of awareness accidentally only, but before we notice it -it is gone. We need to practice awareness meditation to experience our movement in awareness circle and experience it during that time too.

This is very simple and once we are able to get hold of that moment of awareness while recognising it too, at the same time, immediately we enter into a different journey inwards where ultimate freedom, bliss and ecstasy awaits us. This happens on its own, so we can only create situation to let it happen. It happens in the moment of intense awareness only. We cannot decide or measure that intensity too, so with trust we need to move in our inner journey. We need to keep practicing and once we got first experience, we need to apply it during different activities of our daily life.

When awareness meditation is practiced during sex, it becomes Tantra meditat