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Beyond enlightenment.

To escape into Nirvana is not the fullest expression of enlightenment or awakening outside the Therevadan school of Buddhism. Indeed, it can be seen as self-indulgence of the highest order. “I got mine, so you go get yours.”

Moving back into the world of manifestation and giving aid whenever, wherever, and however we can is what makes awakening real. In Mahayana Buddhism, the bodhisattva realizes that no one enters Nirvana unless everyone does. Otherwise, it would not be Nirvana. As with the ten ox-herding pictures, the final stage of enlightenment is to “return to the village with grace-bestowing hands.” —Richard Young

“Why do you seek the truth?” “Why do you yearn to know the answer of ‘Who am l?” If I have to answer these question today, the answer is “If you yearn to know the answer of the most prominent question ‘who am I?’ then ultimately you are going to discover that you are the truth and that discovery liberates you from all bondages.”

So if you are seeking the truth then you are going to discover that it is your reality, your real life and is going to remain forever. You have come home and all hankering and pondering stops immediately.

So to come back to our eternal common home from which we have gone astray we are seeking the truth. And it is quite natural that we could go astray during the journey inwards. But the reward is that such sheep is going to be brought back home carrying them in his shoulders by Jesus or God himself.

See the dilemma that a sheep never goes astray from herd but has dared to go astray while it is easy for human being to go astray but… So this example is really a master stroke on organised religions.

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