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A stich in time saves nine.

Started a petition at to get an oath signed voluntarily by each COVID-19 patient whose life saved only due to medical oxygen to plant and grow at leafy one tree in his life.

In my campus I have four trees. I am fond of growing trees. If I am able to inspire even one person affected by COVID-19 or any other disease and saved by medical oxygen, to plant a tree sapling and grow it, then my purpose of preparing this petition is fulfilled. I know that one tree can turn the whole Earth green. A tree is like a mystic.

Here the link is given. You need to copy and paste on your browser. Then please read it fully, and if you agree then only sign it.

Please note that this is my first such petition and inadvertently it is got filed with the person signing it!

I could not understood that I need to do some initial preparations to get name, designation and email addresses of decision making authorities before preparing it. Yes, you are the decision maker of your locality or your family or for yourself too.

Here is the link to at least read it first and then decide. It is always safer to copy the link and paste it on your browser.

My son signed the petition and informed me a real incident that happened in 2019 Kerala flood in India. A person was saved because he got strangled at top of a tree. He remained there for 3-4 days and his life was saved by that tree. He was serving a construction company as a tree cutter. After this incident he decided even if he has to live as a labourer or bigger but he will never cut any tree in his life.