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A posT on FB wOrth sharing with all

A FB group by Nassim Haramein that

My reply on a post by Olivier Thomas to know about its content

I quote ‘Each gem represents an individual way of life (and those follow others or any scriptures are not included in it), atom, cell or unit of consciousness (fully awake in its quantum state achieved after enlightenment or Satori).” These all are not people living but those who have got enlightened till date (and affect all those to be enlightened in future ie all of us). “A change in a gem is reflected in all others” means you must feel the responsibility to get awakened ASAP to help everyone and everything. Your awakening is also result of all those previously awakened till date so every mystic keeps sharing till leaving one’s body.

Hi ….. I write my comments from my personal experiences of my inner journey. This post may include teachings of Mystics around the world that I found worth following even today. For more about me and to connect with me on social media platforms, have a look at my linktree website for connecting with my social media links, or subscribe my YouTube channel and/or listen to the podcasts etc.

I begun with a simple awareness meditation and Zen meditation. You can begin with your choice of meditation or prayer according to your religion or choice today itself, because by procrastinating and postponing we have already lost a big part of our life. By practicing awareness meditation during work as per this YouTube video, living simple &authentic life and doing your job in hand to your best – you create favourable situations for growth of the seed within into a tree of consciousness.

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