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A life filled with Wynk music and dance.

On pressing share button on my Wink music app notifying me about my listening statistics of last one year, this message is delivered

Since last year I was thinking about writing few blogs to inform all here about few bhajans, songs that touched my heart to such a depth that I listen them daily and dancing on them too, as per the mood in that moment. I wanted to share my meanings from those bhajans and few songs/bhajans I have shared here too in my earlier blogs. They are

A call of Sufi mystic

इश्क़ में क्या बतायें कि दोनों किस क़दर चोट खाये हुए हैं-जानीबाबू क़व्वाल

Yahan Sabka saqi Osho hai.

घणा दिन सो लियो रे, अब तो जाग मुसाफ़िर जाग।-A mystical song translated.