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  • sandeep kumar verma

500 plus ‘Couplets of Kabir’.

I have collected these ‘couplets of Indian Mystic Kabir’ from available various sources available in PDF form on internet. Specially these are from ‘Kabir Amritwani vol 1-13, by Debashish Dasgupta in mp3 format. Couplets from Kabir Dohawali and Kabir Grinthawali are oldest and most reliable sources of Kabir’s Couplets are also included. Common among all sources are deleted. Still if anyone wish to cite his credit, it will be done if informed. Mystics wish their work to be free and without citing their name even. All Vedas are regularly updated by Mystics without citing their name. It is in Hindi manuscript form and its meaning in Hindi as well as English will be done in comparison to China’s known mystic Lao Tzu’s ‘Tao philosophy’ and where necessary teachings of Mystic Nanak, Ashtavakra and Meera etc may be brought in. The series is named as ‘Kabir te Ching’. With hope that it may be of some use by the time all these are done, they are posted here.